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Uganda And Coffee Tourism

Are you in a committed relationship with coffee? Then you need to try coffee tourism, Uganda in particular. Coffee tourism ,let the coffee enthusiasts discover coffee origins wonderful landscape, distinctive natural environments characterizing coffee growing regions.

While I may be a bit biased, in my opinion Kisoro region located in the rolling hills of south western Uganda and mountain Elgon region in eastern part of the country not forgetting kasese region in western along the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori are the perfect places in which to begin your coffee adventures. Of course, wherever you go in the country,Uganda is a traveler’s dream. It’s a place of Lakes and Rivers, Waterfalls, mountains, Flora and Fauna, National Parks, and beautiful Islands, diverse Culture – not to mention coffee! You could take a car drive and cruise from the Kampala the capital through Lake Mburo National park, the home of Antelopes and many predators to Kisoro our destination. Or you could drive west via Fort Portal to Queen Elizabeth national park, right in the middle of Kasese where DRUGA (Dried Uganda Arabica) come from. Kasese is known for its natural Arabica coffee. Majority of the coffee produced here is natural. They offer more body; the climate allows producers to sun-dry the cherries, giving them more punch. A clean natural from here is sweet, fruity, and has a heavy body. The kasese region is not only rich in coffee history but also has an amazing landscape with numerous National Parks such as Queen Elizabeth National ,Semulik National Park, Mountain Rwenzori National and Kibale Forest National Park. In fact, you will even find Uganda’s tallest Mountain and third in East Africa, mountain Rwenzori .

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