We at Bird’s Nest Safaris would like to congratulate you upon going through 2019 safely. We thank God for your life and achievements.
As we are going into 2020, we would, in the same spirit, like to wish you a blessed and prosperous New Year. We pray for your safety and great achievement. We wish that this new year may be a year of touring the world and appreciating further, the art in which the earth was made.
It’s here that we as Bird’s Nest Safaris come in. We are very prepared to make your plans and dreams, so long as touring Uganda and Rwanda is concerned, a reality. We have a lot of breathtaking experiences awaiting you in any area of your interest.

Do you want to visit the Source of the Nile, or enjoy one of the games of the daring class of people! We will take you direct to The source in Jinja and give you a chance to enjoy the whitewater rafting on the longest river of the globe.

White water rafting in Jinja

Is your interest Gorilla trucking? We are more than set to take you through this experience, with much chances of even seeing the newly born member of the Family.

The mother gorilla

Do you find birds so special and interesting? We will make sure that you come close to over 1000 species of bird in one safari. One easiest way of doing this will be a visit to Lake Bunyonyi ( The Lake Of The Small Birds), that is known for being a home to over 500 bird species and many other well known bird destinations across the two countries.

Pied Kingfisher at lake Bunyonyi

Trust me, you will experience a very close life with the nature as well as interacting with some native families to get a taste of their life. The game drives, in which you will be able to meet hundreds of wildlife species among them lions, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, Impalas and many others will be over 7 in number, not mentioning our well organized and safe water drives.

Giraffes enjoying the tall grass of Savannah

All in one single package of 11 – Days Safari with Bird’s Nest Safaris.

We wish you a happy New year and we are looking forward to touring with you.

The smallest but!

What comes to your mind when you hear the name ” Uganda”. Is it that it is just one of the many small African countries?; Or one of the many countries struggling to balance their boat politically?
Well and good. You might probably be right, but have you ever went to see Uganda specifically. Have you ever asked your self what might be taking place and existing in this country beyond balancing the political boat? Did you know that Uganda is one of the very few countries gifted by nature, whose beauty has however not been discovered by many people and probably including you?
From today we will seek to call your attention to the Beauty of Uganda , which was the only reason, why the famous British Prime minister could not find any other words to describe this beauty apart from, ” The Pearl of Africa.” Uganda’s Beauty ranges from the location of the country along the equator, to the occupation of the country by peoples who have not only a lot to in common, but also a lot of differences in language and culture. The beauty does not only stem from her attractive climate, but also from the gift of wildlife spread in different parts of this East African country.
The first thing I will talk about today is the place that I have visited a sometimes back and would love to visit all the time.
This Lake Mburo National Park.

The beauty of Lake Mburo National Park, walking safaris

This Pearl is located in the Western part of the country, between the newly born cities of Masaka and Mbarara. To your information, Lake Mburo is the smallest Savannah national park in Uganda. The size of the park and it’s rank in size does not in any way represent the number of attractions that this place has.
On your seven day Safari on this beautiful park, you would be able to spend your time with a special breed of Zebras, so gentle, health and beautiful, and very many, that you would think they occupy the park alone. Later in this great tour, you would be surprised to discover that the number of kobs, warthogs, giraffes, buffalos and monkeys is as big as that of the Zebras. You would then be comforted by the hundreds of bird families that decorate the sight and the air.
Just in the south of Lake Mburo, you will sail on one of the most beautiful lakes in the Western part of Uganda. On this water trip, you will not only meet a lot of Hippos, but also crocodiles trying to enjoy the waters the same way you will doing.
You may choose to sleep in the cottages inside the park or in the hotels a few minutes drive from the park.
Just book a 7 – Days trip with Bird’s Nest Safaris and all this will be part of your memories soon.
We are looking forward to Touring with you the smallest but gifted Savannah national park in Uganda; Lake Mburo National Park.


It is very right that you might have visited some where they told you it was a JUNGLE! But not until you decide to visit Uganda will you be able to experience and get to know what the real of the word jungle is.

What do you know about the jungle? Is it the lions, leopards, hippo or the Rhino?

Isn’t that what you would think it to be?

All of them can be found in one real place in Uganda. We offer you a detailed tour full of memories from the moment we pick you from the airport. You just let us know what you want to see and experience first and we will be set for you.