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About Bird’s Nest Safaris

Bird’s Nest safaris offers Complete flexible and unforgettable holidays or Tours with Tailor-made, privately guided tours of Uganda and Rwanda, we offer quality, affordable and Luxury tours. Together we work to design a trip that will suit your time, taste and specifications. Enjoy the beauty of Uganda and Rwanda wildlife, Gorilla tracking, bird watching, Primate tours, Adventure Tours like White water rafting, Bungee Jumping, Safari Game drives, Cultural Tours and much more. We employ professional English and German Speaking safaris Guides. The only thing our guides love more than their country is the chance to show it off. They are approachable, easy going and well-versed with almost all things in Africa. We reckon they are the best safari guides to go around with. In our Itineraries quality and richness of the tour is our priority thus each package is designed according to each guest’s need and interest. At Bird’s Nest Safaris the passion of Conservation and Tourism is what drives us.

  • Our Motto

    Where it all Begins

  • Our Vision

    To be a leading Tour and Travel Company in the Promotion of Tourism and Nature Conservation in Africa.

  • Our Mission

    To Promote and Develop Tourism and Conservation to stimulate Uganda’s Economy and Enhance the Quality of the Community.

  • Our Values

    Integrity,Excellence,Customer Care,Time Management,Professionalism.

Meet Some Of Our Team

Bird’s Nest Safaris understands how essential it is to have dedicated employees. They are by far a company’s greatest asset. Our Dedicated Teams go the extra mile for our customers and strive to provide the best services.


Since 2016

Born in Rural western Uganda near L.Mburo National Park with a Diploma in Tourism Management. My desired dream and passion of travel became a reality when I joined Tourism Institute in 2011.Later,I did my Voluntary work with the second largest National Park in Uganda( Queen Elizabeth National Park) where I would basically deal with the clients directly. Truth to be told, my voluntary work and passion created a strong bond to wildlife and Conservation at large. I later discovered my love for birds and that’s when I dedicated my time to birding, to cut it short, am I professional birder and will be glad to share with you my passion. I have almost been to all parts of Uganda and Rwanda and have at least done most of the activities starting from Gorilla Tracking. Through my experience, I really know whats on ground and will make your safari memorable.

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Since 2016
Born in North Eastern Uganda, with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Studies, my love and Passion for Tourism has been since my childhood, I watched a lot of tourism and culture themed movies such as Gods must be Crazy, George of the Jungle that used to make me laugh so much, I decided that this is what I want to do. I joined one of the best Tour Companies in my Country and worked both as a female guide and Reservation officer, I my enjoyed my work, designing itineraries together with my clients, interacting and travelling with them to many parts of Uganda. This has given me a lot of experience and explains why I almost know most parts of Uganda must sees in Uganda and can advise you accordingly. I have done most activities and willing to share my experience with you. Am a fun loving person and you will enjoy your time with me for sure.
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